Q&A with Jessika Botruff, Salesforce Admin and FinancialForce Customer Community Star

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Q&A with Jessika Botruff, Salesforce Admin and FinancialForce Customer Community Star

The end of the year is looming fast and hopefully everything you wanted to achieve in 2015 is nearing success as we power our way through Q4. For those people looking for inspiration, motivation and advice to help make it over the line, it would be well worth your time following more and more of our customers that are gaining value from the FinancialForce Customer Community, like Nana Gregg and Lynne Stroyne, for example.

Another such member is Salesforce Admin Jessika Botruff, from Revolution Group, based in Westerville, Ohio. Jessika is one of our longest standing members of the Community and also one of our most influential – contributing great posts, answering questions and sharing best tips and advice she’s gained along her journey with FinancialForce. Our Community is 100% Better Together for having Jessika involved and I’m really pleased we’re able to bring you this Q&A, giving you an insight into what she does and how she gets involved in our Community and the value that you can get too. Here’s what she told us:

Jessika, tell us about Revolution Group.

Revolution group is an IT company based in central Ohio. We offer comprehensive IT solutions, including managed technology services and IT project management to help supplement the growing needs of small and medium sized businesses. For manufacturing businesses, we specialize in Plex ERP consulting, implementation and integration. We are also a Silver Partner with Salesforce and we specialize in Salesforce consulting, implementation and integration.

And what is your role there?

I am the sole Salesforce/FinancialForce administrator. I am responsible for the daily operation of Salesforce and FinancialForce for our users. I am highly involved in incorporating new processes and finding efficiencies for current processes.

Which FinancialForce products do you currently use and how do you use them?

At Revolution Group, we have 3 separate practices. The challenge we faced was how do we get all of our marketing, sales, projects and customer information onto one platform where our users, no matter where they are, can view the same information and have a central place to collaborate. Today, we are reaping the benefits of a unified CRM with Salesforce + FinancialForce PSA; with all of our customer information and project management in one place. Now finance, project managers, resources, executives and marketing all have the same real-time information and our users are able to collaborate with Chatter. Using Salesforce + FinancialForce PSA has allowed us to run analytics we could never have dreamed of having before.

How important would you say Community is these days in helping product users become successful?

Very important. It’s the first place I look to to get training, information or collaborate with other users. It’s great how the FinancialForce employees do contribute and engage with customers.

How often would you say that you visit the FinancialForce Community?

Daily. You never know what questions may be out there, whether you just observe or engage in answering.

And how do you engage within the Community?

In the morning, I first log into the Forum to see what’s newly posted in the groups or by the users I am following. I have a goal for myself to try to engage in the Community in some way each day; by either commenting on a post, answering a question or adding my own post to engage with others.

How was Community Day for you this year and what’s the best thing about these events?

This was my first Community Day and it was great! The best thing about these types of events is being able to network with other users IN PERSON. It’s like a big user group meeting where you have the chance to engage with other customers and FinancialForce experts. The breakout sessions are great too! My favorite being the hands-on training session for Action Views.

What tips do you have for our members on how to get the most out of the FinancialForce Community?

1. There are many users of all experience levels in the community. They are always willing to answer any questions you have or find the right people to chime in.
2. Look through the list of groups and join the ones you are most interested in. This way when new posts are created within those groups, it will show right in your feed.
3. Come to Community Day! It’s your once-a-year chance to be able to engage with other customers and FinancialForce experts to show them what you are working on in person.

If you want to follow Jessika and others like her by becoming involved in our fast-growing Community, you can access it via the FinancialForce Central app in your org. Instructions can be found by clicking here.

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