Q&A with HR Director about FinancialForce.com's Growth

Q&A with HR Director about FinancialForce.com's Growth

Jo Birtle
We had an opportunity to speak with Melissa Hmielowski, Director of Human Resources, about our company’s growth and hiring spree, as well as what it is like to work at FinancialForce.com. If you know someone who would enjoy our fun and collaborative culture, definitely share this post with them and encourage them to send in an employment application. 1) Can you talk a little bit about the rapid growth FinancialForce.com has experienced in the past couple of years? Do you expect this exciting rate to keep up in 2013? FinancialForce.com is an absolute Rocket Ship. We grew 60% from 2011 to 2012, and are on a trajectory to do the same in 2013. We are growing so fast that our office space can’t keep up with our size and we are now in talks to take over the other side of our floor in our SF headquarters in order to accommodate our rate of growth. We’re constantly looking for talent in the US and on global basis and welcome all top performers to check out our career page! 2) How would you describe the culture and working environment here? FinancialForce.com is full of incredibly smart and fun people who enjoy what they do and are passionate about our products and services. Our people don’t take themselves too seriously. You will usually see a beachball or football being thrown around when folks need a mental health break, teams munching in the fully stocked kitchen, or folks enjoying the office massage chair. Our culture doesn’t vary much from office to office. Whether in the SF, UK, Spain or New Hampshire, we promote the same culture of balance, collaboration, humor, and passion. 3) What are some exciting new opportunities we have here for those looking for a fresh start in 2013? We have fantastic opportunities in just about every area of the business; Consulting, Development, Marketing, Support, Sales…..and more Sales! Check out our careers page to learn more about who we are and how we work! Also check out our social networks to get a glimpse of our latest news.

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