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Q&A with Phoebe Calef, West Coast Recruiter

If you’ve looked at our job board lately, you’ll see that we have numerous positions open — 61 to be exact! In this Q&A, I spoke with one of the busiest employees in the company, Phoebe Calef, our West Coast Recruiter, to get her take on what draws people to and why a career opportunity here is unlike many others in the Silicon Valley.
  1. Hi Phoebe!  Tell me a little about your role and why you joined
I am one of the recruiters here and I focus primarily on West Coast positions. Coming from a staffing background, I’ve come across a few times and have always heard positive things about the office culture; great environment, casual, smart and optimal for balance. In the four months I’ve been here, I’ve definitely found that to be true. In fact, my goal is to not only find the right candidates in terms of skills, but also the right people who will thrive in this culture. As we are growing rapidly, I think it’s important to keep that positive culture, stay true to what the company was founded on, and keep that even as we expand. 2. What makes an appealing workplace in an already vibrant Silicon Valley job market? What I tell candidates is that the people make unique. Employees here take a lot of pride in what they do and everyone is passionate about taking the company to the next level. Whether you are in sales, marketing or support, everyone is united by a common purpose. Additionally, unlike other startups where you are expected to work grueling hours, or like software giants where you are an ID number out of thousands, employees are individuals and don’t get lost here.  Everyone makes an impact. And at the same time, the company respects your work-life balance. Yes, we are one of the hottest start-ups, but our people make the company a great place to work. One glance at our Glassdoor page, and you’ll see why is such a happy place to work. Our CEO, Jeremy Roche, has a 100% approval rating, which is pretty hard to come by! 3. Describe the interactions between an employee and a manager here. Everyone here knows that our employees are talented and join the company with very desirable skills. Managers let you have ownership of your goals and responsibilities. There’s a level of trust and belief from day one. Managers are results-driven and focus more on strategy versus micro-managing. When you join, you learn Salesforce and are not limited by a job description. People find their time here quite enriching and are not treated by their titles or years of experience, but by their knowledge, passion and contributions. 4. Talk about some of the opportunities here at FF? Globally, we have positions in development positions, marketing, sales, sales engineers, implementation consultants and support…pretty much in every department, we are looking for passionate and skilled candidates! 5. How should candidates get in touch with you? I always welcome any interested candidates to reach out! They can find me at or 415-796-8886.
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