Q&A with Lori Ellsworth, GM of Professional Services Automation at FinancialForce

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Q&A with Lori Ellsworth, GM of Professional Services Automation at FinancialForce

You might have heard the exciting news last week. Lori Ellsworth has joined the company as the new General Manager for our PSA solutions. We took a few moments to chat about her impressions of the company so far and her big plans as GM.

Sandy: Hi Lori! Welcome to FinancialForce.com! What are some of your impressions during the first two weeks?

Lori: Thanks! It has been an exciting time so far. The business is moving so quickly that I need to just roll up my sleeves and dig in.  What really excites me is that I see opportunity everywhere – a committed, passionate group of people, great product and platform, a market poised for growth and customers that we can really help!

Sandy: What brought you to take on this new challenge?

Lori: I’ve spent my entire career in software, and what really motivates me is product leadership – making that product and market opportunity connection.  I’ve spent the last 14 years working with service organizations, and I’m a big believer in the value of services and their role in driving company success.

FinancialForce.com is driving substantial growth in the PSA space, and I see nothing but more opportunity there, especially with our Salesforce connection. And as a company we are committed to this space and ready to make investments.  Combine all of this with a great group of people that can challenge me to grow, and here I am!

Sandy: Well, we are definitely excited about the expertise and leadership you bring. Let’s talk a little bit about your goals as GM. What are some of your immediate objectives? And what do you hope to achieve in the long term?

Lori: Immediately, I want to engage with our customers. We have a fantastic set of reference customers who hold a wealth of knowledge – about how they are working with FinancialForce today and what they need for the future.  This is where I want to spend some quality time. We also have two exciting releases planned for this year, and there is a lot to be done to ensure our folks are ready to help our customers take advantage of the added value. Another immediate priority is to scale our sales – we have experienced tremendous growth in our sales team, and we’ll be working closely with them to enable their success

Looking ahead, I hope to drive an aggressive roadmap to continue to deliver innovation to customers in areas like resource management, mobility, collaboration and executive visibility. We have been on the path of global expansion and as GM, I’d like to tap into the growing services vertical in other geographies. Last but certainly not least, I would like to leverage our success with technology companies into serving other services focused industries such as healthcare. Like I said earlier, opportunities are everywhere!

Sandy: As you know, here at FinancialForce.com, we have fostered a fun, well balanced and collaborative culture that we are quite proud of. Friendly sports rivalry is, of course, a part of that! I just have to ask—what is your favorite sports team? 

Lori: Well, I’m Canadian, so I think I have to answer hockey in terms of my favourite sport to watch. My favourite team is not as much fun to watch some years (like this one) but in my heart I am a Leafs fan.  We Canadians don’t give up easy!

Sandy: Good for you! Personally, I also believe in sticking with my teams through thick and thin. Thanks for chatting with me, Lori! Very happy to have you onboard and look forward to doing some great work together. Welcome again!



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