Q&A with Lisa Gedryn, Regional Support Manager North America

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Q&A with Lisa Gedryn, Regional Support Manager North America

This week, I got to speak with Lisa Gedryn, Regional Support Manager for North America, about her team’s goals and what she’s looking forward to most in 2014. 1) Hi Lisa, can you talk a little bit about your role and responsibilities at FinancialForce.com? I am the Regional Support Manager for North America.  We provide support for our customers and help resolve any potential issues they are experiencing in our applications.  My role is to ensure customers feel like they are getting the level of service they deserve and their issues are being addressed in an efficient manner, whether by call or emails. 2) What are the goals for your team? As a team, we always strive to respond to customer inquiries as quickly as possible as we know that any stoppage in their productivity impacts overall satisfaction.  Part of our job is also prioritizing the issues to make sure that we effectively address the most urgent first. We encourage our team to develop a relationship with all of our customers by making any necessary phone calls because we realize that it’s not just a person on the other end who is responding to an issue they are having, but there’s also a person behind the email, who needs our immediate help to remain productive!  WE always want to add that personal touch to the case and do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are happy. 3) You have been at FinancialForce.com in 3 years.  What are your impressions of this office? There’s no doubt that we are growing quickly but we are also growing smartly!  The office never ceases to be fun because we know how to work hard and play hard.  One thing that makes us stand out is the smart people we hire—I always enjoy learning from my peers. 4) In terms of 2014, what are your primary goals? Personally, I would love to expand the team, perhaps double if we can find the right people.  We are looking for people who have been in our customers’ shoes—meaning, they’ve been in finance, consulting, etc.   We now have more products to support after the Vana and Less acquisitions and it’s my responsibility to make sure that from HCM, SCM, PSA to Accounting, we have the quality staff to support any issues that come in!  As for what I’m looking forward to as a whole in the company…I want to learn what’s the next big move.
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