Q&A with FinancialForce.com CFO John Bonney

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Q&A with FinancialForce.com CFO John Bonney

It’s been a whole two months since we were lucky enough to bring John Bonney on board as CFO and he’s already making a powerful impact. I recently got a chance to chat with John about what drew him to FinancialForce.com, what his plans for us are and what he thinks of the team.

1. You’ve been with the company for more than two months now. What has it been like for you so far? Has it been what you expected coming into this role?

In short, it has been a fantastic experience that frankly has exceeded my expectations.

2. You’ve worked for some of the most reputable software companies. What attracted you to FinancialForce.com?

As a general rule of business thumb, I like to keep things simple – in the spirit of this I boil it down to three things:

a. Market & Product – is the market large and under some sort of disruption or transformation? Do the company’s products have a unique differentiator or competitive advantage? The answer to both of these is a resounding yes! The ERP market is massive and undergoing significant transformation as SMB and even enterprises are shifting to the Cloud. FinancialForce.com is in a really great position here as the products are truly customer-centric and easy to use. The “single view of the truth” of data across an organization from the Marketing Automation/CRM system all the way to cash collections is also extremely exciting (at least to a CFO’s ear!).

b. Traction – has the company shown proof of its strategy in action? Another strong yes here at FinancialForce.com with significant growth across the board in bookings and revenues – even on a bigger base!

c. People & Culture – last but certainly not least! In fact, I believe this is frankly the MOST important when evaluating a company’s ability to succeed. Seeing the Awards and Glassdoor near perfect rankings is one thing, but I can now say from being inside that it’s just an amazing group of smart, ambitious and fun people who all want to succeed.

When you happen to be lucky enough to find somewhere with all three, then you truly have something special!!

3. Thinking just like a CFO even during a Q&A! That said, John, what are your primary goals as our CFO?

My goal is to help FinancialForce.com continue its hyper-growth while at the same time balancing our investments across the business to ensure we are operating as efficiently as we can. It’s important that employees understand while growth is important and fun, we also need to spend sensibly to ensure we have a long-term viable business model. The nice thing about FinancialForce.com is that our workforce already has these values deeply instilled from the very beginning!

4. What adjectives come to mind when you think of the FinancialForce.com workforce?

Passionate, fun, customer-centric, smart and caring!

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