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Q&A with Dave Hendrickson, Director of Customer Success & Consulting

One of the content themes I hope to carry on in this blog is showcasing the many individuals from different departments who’ve been part of FinancialForce.com’s growth.  Last time, I had a chance to speak with Melissa Hmielowski, our HR Director about what it’s like to work here.  Today, I had an opportunity to interview Dave Hendrickson, Director of Consulting and Customer Success, about his FinancialForce.com experience and what it’s like to be in his shoes! Q: Hi Dave!  Tell us a bit about your role and team. A: My primary role is to ensure a blockbuster customer experience at every turn with our customers!  From the moment they sign on to FinancialForce, we want to make sure every touchpoint they have with us is a positive one and  that our products are adding value to the business.  Whether it’s through my Consulting Team, converting their requirements into real system functionalities, my Customer Success team helping customers achieve their goals, our “Customer For Life” team can attend to them at any point in the relationship with us. Q: What would you say are your team’s most critical goals? A: Referenceability is goal one. Nothing demonstrates your success than having customers who are willing to speak kindly on your behalf.  It drives almost all the other goals we have.  Speed to adoption is another critical goal.  We want customers to realize their return on investment as soon as possible.  Finally, we like to make the renewal process as seamless and painless as possible for our customers. Q: What does a successful day look like for you? A: Go lives are the best!  They are like a shot of adrenaline in the arm every time you announce one!  Customer contacts and connections are a huge part of my role here– truly understanding their challenges and determining how we can best address them.  So, spending time with customer really makes it a great day for me! Q: What keeps you happy working here at FinancialForce.com? A: I work with the smartest people on the planet and I love that.  I’m not making this up for this, I promise.  I do work with incredibly smart people.  My team is so extraordinary in terms of the breadth of what they do and their commitment to doing it correctly. The great feeling of esprit de corp brings me so much professional and personal joy.  At FinancialForce.com, we actually deliver products that makes a huge difference in the lives of people that we touch— people feel passionate about what we do because they need it, and they need it to work right.  That gives me a great sense of purpose for working at FFDC.  Oh, and the coffee in the break room is pretty good to! Q: Last question, Dave, and you are off the hook!  What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of the SF office? A: Not one word but three: COLLABORATION ON STEROIDS!
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