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Q&A with Chris Lee: VP of Strategic Sales at FinancialForce

I always enjoy doing Executive Q&As for our blog but have to admit this one was particularly fun!! Chris joined us last week as our new VP of Strategic Sales and already, he’s hit the ground running and making impact with his Salesforce leadership experience. Take a moment to read this Q&A and get to know Chris Lee. I found myself quite impressed with his professional resume, as well as his sports and acting (yes, acting!) resume.

1) Hi Chris! Welcome to FinancialForce.  What are your impressions so far?  

Thank you for the warm welcome to FinancialForce, Sandy! It’s a pleasure to meet you. The first week has been so exciting. I’m in the stage now where I’ve been doing a lot of “observing and digesting.”

It’s amazing to see that FinancialForce is a proven world-class company and yet, still has the passion of a start up.  It’s very refreshing to see.

It reminds me a lot of my early days at Salesforce. My dream has always been to create that similar environment that I believe many salespeople are searching for in the field today.  I’ve learned from the best in the industry working with legends: Marc Benioff, Keith Krach, Jim Steele, David Rudnitsky, Dave Orrico and now Joe Fuca.

2) What drew you to FinancialForce? What are some qualities about the company and products that you felt were unique?

What drew me to FinancialForce, was the executive team that also shares my same vision on what is needed to build an Enterprise sales organization. Its about Company Culture, Passion for the Product, Trust in the Company and Respect for one another – all of this then transcends back to the relationships we build with our customers.

You’d be surprised how many companies don’t do this.

I also love the ecosystem that FinancialForce has built and how they continue to innovate and are always taking their customer on a transformational journey.

3) What are some of your immediate priorities? What would make your first month a successful one?

My immediate priority in the first month is to continue to observe and assess our current environment across the company and customer base to understand the areas to provide an immediate impact.  It’s also critical during this time to take as much advantage of Dreamforce as possible to meet with our mutual customers and partners. I also hope to provide an immediate impact to the current opportunities that we’re working on this quarter.

4) Tell us a little bit more about your hobbies, Chris!  What do you like to do on weekends?

When I’m not on the sidelines of high school lacrosse and soccer fields with my kids, you’ll find me doing my daily 7 mile runs. It’s become a great way to get away from my (3) children fighting with each other, release stress – and spend time with my wife, who also runs.

As a prior Soap Opera actor in my youth, I also have an affinity toward watching a great movie or Broadway show. I’ve also learned to enjoy constantly tripping over our new addition to the family, our 2 pound teacup Maltese puppy.

5) Rumors have it that you’re a Villanova fan!  As a Bruins fan, I don’t know what to make of that!  Any predictions this year?  Will we see Nova in Sweet 16 this year?  Do you have any March Madness traditions or superstitions?  

Yes, the rumors are true! I’m a huge Villanova fan. I played football for them and enjoyed getting a great education at the same time! My prediction is that the basketball team makes it to the Sweet 16 next year but doesn’t win the whole thing. My tradition is not to watch them until they win the first round of the tournament. Every year they were “supposed” to win – and I happened to be watching – they lost. They’ve been successful ever since I adjusted my watching habits.

Sandy, I’m really excited for this opportunity at FinancialForce and as another Jersey boy named Frank Sinatra once said, “The Best is Yet to Come…”

It will be a great ride – I guarantee it!

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