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Q&A with Chris Kenny from Chambers Gasket: What’s he looking forward to next week Dreamforce?

Chris Kenny, VP of Operations at Chambers Gasket spent a few minutes to share with me what he hopes to gain from Dreamforce and what he plans to convey as a panelist in the Transforming Your Back Office Fireside Chat.

1. Hi Chris.  You are a featured guest in Peter Coffee's fireside chat (need best link) about transforming the back-office.  What are a couple key points you'll be making and what are you most looking forward to about this session?

A: Traditionally, when most people think of Salesforce, they think of CRM, managing a sales force and sales growth.  The key points I want to make are that is much more than CRM and how Chambers Gasket has used that as a differentiator.

For Chambers Gasket, we saw a unique opportunity get our entire ecosystem that serves the customer on one platform.  That in turn means we can be more responsive to the customer, not just on a quote or sales inquiry, but on orders and production, invoices and credit approvals and everything in between.  The ability for Chambers’ main person interacting with the customer to have a view of the entire customer relationship at their fingerprints allows us to quickly address any question and move on to growing the business.

I am looking forward to sharing our success.

2. What do you hope the audience can gain from hearing about Chambers Gasket's experience?

A: I think it is twofold: 1) That a unified front office and back office is possible with compelling results both in terms of customer satisfaction and internal productivity, and; 2) selfishly from Chambers perspective more people on the platform means more features, applications and innovation in the future for us to take advantage of.

3.  Looking at this year's busy Dreamforce agenda, what are you most excited about personally?

A: I’m most excited to learn about detailed roadmaps and new releases from our core application partners (, AscentERP and CRM), Salesforce Communities (we think this potentially enables on-demand customer interaction with our platform) and hopefully seeing what is next that we can add to our platform!  It’s going to be a great conference!

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