PSOs – integrate your core systems. The evidence is irrefutable.

PSOs – integrate your core systems. The evidence is irrefutable.

Brian Jennings
Today we announced that three FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) customers Perceptive Software, Centerstance and Architech, have been rated in the top five percent best-of-the-best Professional Services organizations (PSOs) benchmarked against more than 200 leading firms in the 2012 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark. According to Service Performance Insight (SPI Research), the research and consulting organization behind the Benchmark, CRM and PSA integration is at the heart of superlative sales and marketing effectiveness for the top performers.  This integration allows them to analyze deals, segment clients and develop standard proposal and statement of work templates which reduce the cost of sale and improve quality and consistency. All three FinancialForce PSA best-of-the best winners credit the seamless integration between their PSA resource and project management application with their Salesforce CRM as a powerful catalyst to improve recruiting, on-boarding and career management. Although Best-of-the-Best consultants work long hours and bill 86% of their time they are more likely to recommend the firm as a great place to work because they have more opportunity for advancement and get to work with leading edge clients and projects. The Best-of-the- Best results from using an integrated PSA application speak for themselves: 25% higher billable utilization; 17% more projects delivered on-time and on-budget and 44% higher revenue per consultant due to better resource management.
Measurement Top 10 Firms All Others Average Advantage
EBITDA 25.6% 12.7% 102%
Annual Revenue Growth 22.3% 13.3% 67%
Annual Revenue per consultant $278K $193K 44%
On-time project delivery 90% 75% 20%
Reference clients 83% 70% 19%
Even more surprising then (something referred to in an earlier post but worth saying again) is the fact that although Salesforce CRM is the most used CRM system among PSOs (used by 50 per cent up from 30 per cent in last year’s benchmark), only 34 per cent of Salesforce CRM users report any level of integration with PSA or Accounting. Just 45 per cent of all respondents have partially or completely integrated PSA and Accounting and only 31 per cent have partially or completely integrated PSA and CRM. These numbers will change thanks to the proliferation of cloud apps on The evidence is irrefutable.

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