FinancialForce is a proud sponsor of the NUX5 UX & Design Conference

FinancialForce is a proud sponsor of the NUX5 UX & Design Conference

Rae Brosnan
Tags: developers, ux

As a long-time user experience practitioner in enterprise software, I have envied the creative design houses – agencies that have the freedom to focus on beautiful as opposed to functional. Unlike enterprise apps, consumer-based apps have a different imperative, different audience, and different end result – most don’t have to carry the weight of business-critical accounting processes or time-sensitive project management functions. As an enterprise designer, my focus is on core business functions that execute seamlessly. It’s not the sexiest work.

CX as a key business differentiator

dev_designsWith the recent focus on CX as a key business differentiator, I have seen the tide change. Over two years ago I left big corporate for the smaller, more nimble start-up world. I joined FinancialForce excited by its mandate to deliver quality software that not only functions efficiently but also achieves effortless usability – the pinnacle of beauty within enterprise software.

I’ve seen FinancialForce’s investment in solid UX practices over the years. Today our design sessions include a large swath of skills and expertise – including designers, product managers, developers, etc. This is but one example of the company’s investment in UX, and I am excited and energized by our CEO’s mandate to deliver quality software for our customers. The bar is set high.

Sponsoring NUX5 in Manchester, England

Along with internal investments in UX and CX, FinancialForce is proud to sponsor external events geared towards improving our knowledge of exemplary experiences. This year, we are proud sponsors of NUX5 in Manchester, England. In addition to having a presence at the conference, FinancialForce is sending an army of product managers, business analysts, and designers – a cadre of experts who directly shape experiences.

This year’s schedule looks fantastic – timely for us in the product organization. I’m gratified to see that we are practicing many of the topics being discussed (multiple research methods to round out design; strategies for tackling tricky design problems). I also look forward to incorporating salient insights from NUX5’s speakers into our working processes moving forward.

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