Pros and cons of Saas debated…

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Pros and cons of Saas debated…

As you’d expect the pros and cons of SaaS continue to be debated, nowhere more than on area of Salesforce’s website A recent post by their resident commentator Peter Coffee takes up the angle of how challenging it can be to recruit and retain key IT staff (or wetware, to use a nasty piece of jargon he uses…). It’s certainly an interesting and relevant argument when assessing the cost and risk of on-premise versus on-demand software. In the comments that follow our own Kevin Roberts poses an objection we sometimes hear, around the risks of dependancy on a platform supplier for developers like CODA. Peter’s response is a fair one, and fits with our own thinking – there might be a small risk, but the advantage of speed to market is a massive one and at least lets you test a product faster and more cheaply than developing your own independent platform. You can always choose to do that later on… And as Kevin points out on the blog, you have to hope that a million users can’t all be wrong, can they?
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