Project management all stars: what is the key to project profitability? [Webinar]

Project management all stars: what is the key to project profitability? [Webinar]

Project Profitability
Polina Polishchuk

How do you optimise a project in order for it to be successful? Project managers are constantly trying to achieve the project visibility and control they need in order for it to be profitable. But how?

To help answer this question, we had the experts Geoff Reiss and Lori Ellsworth join us for an interactive and educational webinar looking into the key to project profitability.

Watch the webinar recording to take you through the important questions: What are the key influencers of profitability? How do you manage these influencers for success? How can technology act as an enabler to improve profitability?

With over thirty years in the industry Geoff Reiss is an acknowledged expert in project and programme management. Author of 4 popular books, he led the author team for the Gower Handbook of Programme Management, the most complete work on the topic. An Honorary Fellow of the APM and Honorary President of the ProgM interest group, he is widely respected and described as a legend and a visionary in the field of project and programme management.

Lori Ellsworth, General Manager of project applications at, has over 25 years in the software industry leading product and marketing initiatives for innovative software applications. She brings her wide experience of using technology to achieve business goals and as an enabler for project success.

The webinar was facilitated by Amy Hatton, Editor of Project Manager Today, the leading publication for the industry. To see the webinar recording, watch it here.

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