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FinancialForce Pride. Fearless, Fierce, Daring and Colorful

Without a doubt, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration is an established institution, and by far the largest annual LGBT gathering in the nation. If you’re a SF local and have never attended the festivities, it’s practically considered outrageous. Why wouldn’t you want to wear fun and colorful costumes, dance in the street, and celebrate equality? And there’s a parade involved too? I’m sold! The 2014 44th annual event didn’t disappoint with over 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and more than 20 stages and venues…(Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!). This year, Salesforce was gracious enough to invite our FinancialForce.com team to participate in their parade contingent of 300 strong and counting. Our teams joined forces (literally) and walked together in support of The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, which is an organization working to raise awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying, and provide support to those doing the work to stop it. Were you one of the lucky 6,000 to be handed a coveted StandUp Foundation/Salesforce dog tag? We hope so! But if we ran out by the time we saw you, we hope our enthusiastic high-fives made you just as happy!
Pride Parade 2014 - FinancialForce.com Team
The FinancialForce.com team at Pride 2014
Pride Parade 2014 with salesforce.com
Pride Parade 2014 with salesforce.com
Thanks, SF Pride and Salesforce! With organizations like you, it’s almost certain we can make great strides toward being better companies, teams, and individuals.
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