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Press Release: FinancialForce Announces Cloud Platform Shoes

The cloud app company unveils the industry’s first and only forward stepping Cloud Platform Shoe

SAN FRANCISCO – April 1, 2016: FinancialForce today announced the introduction of Cloud Platform Shoes, the hottest accessory for any executive attempting digital transformation.  Cloud platform shoes elevate the social, mobile, big data and IoT thinking of executives, wherever they work, live, play – or walk.

Unlike traditional, flat-soled shoes that go in and out of style, these shoes can be purchased ‘As a Service’ and are scalable to any size or height.  CIOs will like the ability to look down on peers that haven’t embraced this latest IT fashion. With unlimited scalability and solid footing underneath, executives can imagine a myriad of cloud applications to propel their businesses to new heights. And despite having a more robust, resilient and secure sole infrastructure, cloud platform shoes keep companies agile and light on their feet.

“Cloud Platforms are so hot, we thought CIOs needed shoes to go with it”, said Tom Brennan, SVP of Marketing at FinancialForce.  “We are establishing a new category: Cloud Platform Shoes as a Service (CPSAAS) which is truly groundbreaking. You are what you wear, but these days you are what cloud platform you are using too. This product combines both.  If the shoe fits the times, wear it.“

Here are quotes from several Cloud Platform Shoe owners:

“You’ll never find infrastructure like this in another shoe.”

“Nothing says trust like a 6 inch sole.”

“Being able to scale higher, knowing I’m standing on a solid foundation is priceless.”

“They feel like 1974 data center services, only cloudier.”

“Now I know what Elton John was thinking on Yellow Brick Road.”

“Just saying CPSAAS (Cloud Platform Shoes as a Service) makes me think of the Bee Gees.”

“Millennials will come to expect this type of shoe at work along with pet sitters, unlimited yogurt and 10 kinds of coffee at work.”

“Cloud Platform Shoes will be the next big thing in corporate swag.”

“I needed these. My legacy shoes were looking old fashioned and difficult to maintain.”

The one size fits all Cloud Platform Shoes are available immediately for a monthly subscription fee of $5 per foot, per month. To learn more and order your pair, visit FinancialForce here. Happy April Fool’s Day! 

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