What powers the Best-of-the-Best in the services industry?

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What powers the Best-of-the-Best in the services industry?

Three’s a charm. Service Performance Insight’s (SPI) 2017 Professional Services Best-of-the-Best report is out and rated three FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) customers, Fruition Partners (a DXC Technology Company), Jacobus Consulting, and Ahead LLC, among the top five percent Professional Services organizations – benchmarked against more than 400 leading firms. The SPI report outlines how these industry leaders outperformed their peers and the benchmark average with significantly higher profits, larger projects and more satisfied clients. These companies generated 19.2% in net profit compared to the 13.6% average for other PS organizations.

The Best-of-the-Best leaders excel across five critical service performance dimensions
– Leadership
– Client Relationships
– Human Capital Alignment
– Service Execution
– Finance and Operations

This recognition is significant because it measures PSOs not only on bottom line financial results such as profit margins, but also on a breadth of leadership metrics to reveal exceptional, comprehensive performance.  And what is a common denominator for these three Best-of-the-Best organizations? Each rely on the powerful combination of Salesforce CRM, FinancialForce Financial Management (Finance and Accounting), PSA and HCM (Human Capital Management) to provide visibility and management control across all aspects of the business.

You can get all the details on what it takes to become the best of the best – and download the complimentary report right here. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices from the top performing professional services organizations
  • How PSA supports the organizational goals of the “best-of-the-best” firms
  • The importance of aligning sales and services to meet customer goals
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  3. Training
  4. Careers