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Our Jeremy Roche Looks Into the Crystal Ball: 5 Predictions for 2013

We had a chance to catch Jeremy to get his thoughts on what 2013 will bring for the technology industry. He came up with five predictions that if true, would position 2013 as another break-through year for the applications economy. Take a look and share your thoughts with us! We would love to hear what you think 2013 will bring for tech.

#1 CFOs Become an Unlikely Proponent of Social Business

There have been lots of conversations in 2012 around whether CIOs or CMOs will own the social business budget. CFOs will put a new spin on this debate in 2013. CFOs will begin to stand up to help complete social business on the back-end and push for more investment on front end. And of course, stronger solutions that enable Accounting, Billing, Project Management, Accounts Payable, Sales to become integrated, transparent and social, are increasingly available. #2 The term “Cloud Computing” dies The new generation of C-Suite understands cloud applications are a must. It’s becoming the de facto way to power business. The industry has butchered this term useless. Cloud market reaches new level of maturation and sophistication— Market will more quickly expose cloud-washers. Traditional software giants have given in to the fact that software-as-a-service is the way of the future. The debate is over! #3 We can expect a record number of traditional enterprise software adapt to multi-tenancy or announce end of life It’s inevitable. The app economy is surging in enterprise IT. Businesses now want flexible applications that are easily customizable and can be quickly integrated with existing apps. More and more, they do not want to be bogged down by hefty licenses and instead enjoy the flexibility of a subscription-based payment model #4 The “Fiscal Cliff” will become a surprising catalyst for social business Companies are scaling back technology investments due to fiscal and economic uncertainties. Once White House and Congress come to an agreement, we should expect to see a rapid surge in applications investment #5 Highest number of enterprise start-up M&As 2012 was a year of acquisitions for the software giants. In 2013, we will see the number of M&As rise even more. Once software elites can no longer keep up with the rate of innovation of enterprise start-ups, it becomes much more cost-effective for them to acquire than to rebuild a solution from scratch What do you think will happen in 2013? Last but not least, from all of us here, thank you for your support in making 2012 a great year for FinancialForce.com. Happy holidays!
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