Dreamforce Check List: Transform the Back Office

Dreamforce Check List: Transform the Back Office

If you are headed to Dreamforce 13, you’ve probably already embraced the cloud and made big changes to your front office operations. So what are you going to focus on at the show this year? What will be the next big thing to make an impact at your organization? The answer is actually an obvious one when you think about it. It is time to make revolutionary changes to your back office. You are going to hear plenty about how to become a true customer centric company – but is the back office included in that discussion enough? Recent data indicates 88% of company leaders claim that “getting closer to customers” is a top priority, yet very few companies will see measurable success in delivering higher customer value. Why? Because most companies narrowly confine customer experience to the front-office within sales, service and marketing domains– building customer centric strategies that go only half way. A truly customer-centric organization must also connect back-office functions, namely billing, receivables and product/service delivery to the front-office to gain a comprehensive view of customers for the purpose of best serving them.  In return, you’ll get superior customer service, more repeat sales and faster cash collections. So this year is your chance. As as you start thinking about your agenda at the show, we highly encourage you to check out the important sessions found here and join the Back Office Revolution. It’s got everything – engaging discussions, eye-popping booths, killer parties, awesome prizes, and the apps that will transform your business. You have everything to gain.  Look forward to seeing you at the show.

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