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One epic event, limitless inspiration: Community Live 2018

FinancialForce Community Live 2018 in Las Vegas has come to an end, but the innovations, business strategies, and relationships secured here will flourish for years. The numbers rocked: we hosted nearly 900 customers and prospects, streamed keynotes to 500+ viewers, conducted 52 sessions, presented 12 Innovator Award winners, put on two amazing parties, witnessed 11 visits to the onsite chapel (seriously!), and reinforced the strength and greatness of the vibrant FinancialForce community.

The common thread? Business Unlimited.  

Here are the highlights from the cloud ERP conference of the year.


Business Unlimited: Tod Nielsen, FinancialForce CEO and President, shared his vision on surviving and thriving in the everything as a services company, the art in creating new revenue streams, turning products into services and services into products, and why business unlimited is the only path to success. Monetize everything! He also introduced the XaaS list, the ultimate list of services companies that FinancialForce compiled that anyone can access and add to. Start subscribing to your monthly beauty products, grooming kits, or artisanal meat.

Customer Panel: Fred Studer, FinancialForce CMO, hosted our customer panel – Marshall King, SVP, IT Solutions @ JLL, Rich Tolocka, VP of Technology Operations @ Phase2 Technologies, Fiona Davis, CFO @ Console Australia – sharing their stories on how they are maximizing the FinancialForce apps to grow their business.  They talked future-facing data, crystal ball insight, and the power of a unified system. 

Product Vision: Dan Brown, Chief Product Officer, presented the product vision and roadmap emphasizing service economy transformation, business insights, productivity, and functional excellence. Attendees saw first-hand how our cloud ERP apps will empower them to navigate everything from revenue recognition, financial management, billing and forecasting, to services delivery, talent management, and Einstein reporting – all with speed and efficiency.  

Customer Success: Fred, Andrea Lagan (Chief Customer Officer, FinancialForce), and Todd Surdey (Chief Revenue Officer, FinancialForce) closed out the event with a keynote highlighting our unified community of customers and the core values of our own customer-centric business. They also presented the 12 Innovator Award Winners live on stage, recognized for their achievements in building and growing their businesses across 12 distinct categories. 

You can access video recordings of the keynotes here


During his keynote, Tod introduced the guide that’s going to transform businesses – Thrival Guide to Business Unlimited – designed for organizations to understand how to bypass barriers to growth and cultivate the best path to customer delight.  Attendees were devouring this guide that focuses on five key principles:

1. All about the customer
2. Service-enable everything
3. Free the back office
4. Speed is the new currency
5. Make everyone a genius

Download your own guide here


As Dan highlighted in his keynote, we had several product and partner-related announcements, each representing FinancialForce’s mission to enhance the customer experience, drive innovation and accelerate growth. Get all the business transforming details here.

Advanced PSA analytics and next-generation financial reporting with Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Customers Benefit from Strong FinancialForce/ADP Partnership

FinancialForce Expands Partner Network To Enhance The Customer Experience, Drive Innovation, And Accelerate Growth


Sessions ran all three days covering six tracks including Thought Leader, Professional Services (PSA), Financial Management (FM), Revenue Recognition, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Human Capital Management (HCM). FinancialForce customers and experts showcased business strategies, best practices, and new functionality across the suite of applications, and attendees were beaming with excitement on the new learnings.


The light shows were electric and the dance party was epic. See some pictures from the parties below. 


The Expo was buzzing with customers talking with ISV and System Integrator sponsors, learning more about the support and tools they can leverage to maximize their FinancialForce solutions.

We trust that you’ve come away from Community Live inspired to either kickstart or continue advancing valuable projects within your own organizations. Thanks again for joining us for this momentous event, and here’s to building limitless success together.

Highlights here: 

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