News from HR Tech: FinancialForce Peoplecasting® Customer Momentum

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News from HR Tech: FinancialForce Peoplecasting® Customer Momentum

While Dreamforce has taken over San Francisco, our FinancialForce HCM team has invaded the Windy City for HR Technology Conference and Expo!

Last year at HR Tech in Las Vegas, we formally introduced FinancialForce Peoplecasting®, the unique interoperability between Salesforce CRM, FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM), FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) and FinancialForce Financial Management applications. A lot has happened in a year and today we’re excited to showcase how our customers are succeeding with FinancialForce Peoplecasting®.

Because there is one system of record managing employee, customer and project data, organizations are empowered to make smarter and faster business critical decisions, they have improved financial predictability at their fingertips and are able to increase employee retention and engagement. In this morning’s press release, we featured two customers who have achieved impressive results:

Concept Services

Concept Services, a new business lead generation service provider and Silver Salesforce Partner, uses FinancialForce Peoplecasting® across all company departments. Concept Services’ recruiting and production teams for its Lead Generation division rely on the interoperability of FinancialForce PSA, FinancialForce Financial Management and FinancialForce HCM for forecasting how many people will need to be recruited or allocated to the projects that are created through Sales and CRM teams. Managers are able to instantly view number of available hours for consumption and the number of resources needed, and make fast decisions on who to hire and when.

Summa Technologies

Summa Technologies, a digital solutions consultancy, found that connecting FinancialForce PSA, HCM and Financial Management helped it better serve its employees and customers. Prior to FinancialForce, Summa managed a handful of disparate systems and applications that inevitably forced its teams to rely on Excel and email. In tandem, the company was expanding very quickly, doubling headcount every two years, and was outgrowing the basic processes in place to manage employees and client projects.

On FinancialForce Peoplecasting® customer momentum, Laura Castillo, General Manager of FinancialForce HCM applications commented: “Since we introduced FinancialForce Peoplecasting® to the market in 2015, we have been inspired by the incredible success customers have achieved so far. Every year, our customers are constantly challenged to perform higher and make their customers happier with fewer resources and budgets. Yet with the right tools at their fingertips, teams can be able to make business critical decisions quicker, ensuring customer and employee satisfaction. FinancialForce Peoplecasting® brings the unique ability to have a real-time view of a business, all on one platform and we expect continued growth and productivity from FinancialForce Peoplecasting® users in the future.”

To learn more, review today’s FinancialForce Peoplecasting® press release here.

To meet with the FinancialForce team at HR Technology Conference & Exposition and to learn more about FinancialForce Peoplecasting®, please visit Booth 1443 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

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