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New Salesforce MVP Q&A: Agustina Garcia, Principal Developer at FinancialForce

We are thrilled that Agustina Garcia, Principal Developer, Platform Strategy at FinancialForce, has been named one of 2016’s first class of Salesforce MVPs. Not only is Agustina a rockstar developer at FinancialForce, but she is also the founder of the North Spain Salesforce Developer User group. She is also a regular session contributer, has an awesome blog and produces bi-lingual content for Spanish speakers.

I sat down with Agustina to learn about her goals as a Salesforce MVP and more:

1) What does a MVP status mean to you professionally, personally and in the community?

I still can’t believe that I’ve achieved such an amazing credential. I’m also really pleased to know that the Salesforce Community has recognized the job that I’ve done during the last few years.

Professionally, I always try to do my best. But on the other hand, this recognition could also show to our customers how professional and involved we are with Salesforce to offer them the very best.

While the community always has people to help them in forums and answer questions, I believe that the Spanish-speaking community especially could benefit most from my new status.

2) What are your goals as a Salesforce MVP?

First of all I will continue helping the community as much as possible, but furthermore I would like to focus on the Spanish community. Carolina Ruíz is doing an amazing job helping people who speak Spanish and rallying them to get involved with more events. I would like to continue in her footsteps and try to further expand the knowledge sharing within the community.

3) What are some of your favorite campaigns from Salesforce that have made a big impact in the community?  Why?

Probably the biggest campaign is Trailhead. It started as an interesting way to learn Salesforce. We were able to understand how to create custom objects and fields and even develop some pieces of code. Now the scope is so big that it doesn’t matter what your role is. You can do and learn whatever you want.

Additionally, I also like the way we can link campaigns in a single profile. Once you create your Salesforce account, in your profile we can see your participation on developer forums. How is your progress on Trailhead going? Have you raised ideas in the community? Do you have open cases? Everything is sorted now. I remember the days when we had to log every time we wanted to do something different. Now everything is easier.

4) Any sneak peeks into what you might be discussing at Dreamforce this year?

I would expect to have topics for newbies as usual. ApexCode, Unit Tests, Asynchronous features… but I also think that this year, Dreamforce will focus more on:

  • Lightning Experience. It seems that the platform is continuously improving. I don’t think it means that we have to forget all we know about Standard UI or Vf pages, just start thinking on Lightning Components and Experience first.
  • Thunder is another great topic. Every day a new “Thing” appears in our lives, so IoT (aka Internet of Things, aka Thunder) would be the future as well.

congratulations agustina garcia

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