New Partnership Announced. Bluewolf CEO Weighs In

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New Partnership Announced. Bluewolf CEO Weighs In

We proudly announced our partnership with Bluewolf this morning. FinancialForce and Bluewolf have been pioneers in cloud computing for business and we’re excited to be working together as the adoption of for the back office gathers significant momentum.  I had a chance to chat with Eric Berridge, Co-founder and CEO of Bluewolf on his thoughts around our global partnership. Q: Why did a partnership with make sense? A: Industry-leading companies are moving to embrace wall-to-wall cloud applications, to drive real-time customer responsiveness and decision-making. Bluewolf and FinancialForce are both 100% focused on helping companies become more profitable and effective with cloud-based technologies and processes, so it’s a natural fit. Bluewolf is also a Platinum Partner on three continents, so we have the expertise and global reach to implement FinancialForce applications within complex enterprise environments. Q: How is it addressing a gap in the market? A: Companies are challenged to consolidate information across disparate customer relationship management (CRM), back office, and supply chain applications. Bluewolf and FinancialForce’s joint solutions leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud to enable companies to capture more and better customer data in real-time. We work with our customers to break down their information silos to speed bookings-to-billing cycles and increase customer—and employee—engagement. For example, Bluewolf and FinancialForce work with online media companies to integrate their internal systems with external ad servers. This helps these media companies to handle more clicks and bill faster, but also to identify triggers for successful print and digital advertising campaigns that can be replicated. Importantly, these integrated solutions also make accounting teams more efficient – and employees enjoy their jobs more because they are freed to spend time on higher value activities, rather than juggling complex online and offline data sources. Q: What type of immediate impact do you expect the partnership to make in the industry? A: Customer engagement is a top priority for most CEOs. In fact, Bluewolf’s clients are telling us that customer engagement is set to overtake productivity as the primary driver of profitable growth. Eliminating the information borders between the front and back office—and the supply chain—increases efficiency and gives every employee the opportunity to own any customer interaction. The need for real-time visibility into customer interactions has never been greater, so we are pleased to be able to partner with FinancialForce to jointly address this market demand. I can’t agree with Eric more.  Companies looking to raise the bar on Customer Engagement will find FinancialForce’s award winning products coupled with Bluewolf’s experience and know-how a powerful combination.  Now, let’s get to work!
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