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New out of the box SAP integration

We have announced today a new out of the box SAP integration for sharing of financial data. In partnership with SKYVVA, a German specialist in SAP and integration, we have developed an out of the box solution for delivering FinancialForce Accounting data into SAP Financials. The integration will be demonstrated for the first time at Cloudforce Frankfurt today and will offer significant benefits to a number of organizations including:

  • Those using to account for the Service Cloud to pass data into SAP.
  • Those wanting to move subsidiaries into the cloud while maintaining use of SAP Financials at head office.
  • Dispersed organizations wanting to integrate franchises into the organization using SAP at head office.

The full announcement is available here We are being approached by a number of large organizations that are using ERP systems such as SAP, that want to quickly and easily generate financial transactions from their applications and present them for posting to their on-premises ERP applications. This is an example of creating a hybrid solution between cloud based and on-premises applications, where the benefits of deploying in the cloud can help to quickly deliver a solution and complement existing technology infrastructures. This approach simplifies integration, and ensures that all business processes are completed and accounted for and that there are no lost transactions such as unbilled customers.

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