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The day after Superbowl – national sick day?

Did that seriously just happen? Superbowl 49 (at least 4th quarter) was basically mind-blowing. Congrats to the Patriots for pulling out that wild dog win…with the help of Seattle’s play calling and Magic #21.  How you feeling today Patriots fans? We don’t dare ask the Seahawks.

Sick day time?
Practically the entire country tunes into the championship game every year, and after a day of celebrating in full-blown beer, nacho, wing style debauchery, the last thing anyone wants to do is go to work the next morning. In recent history, according to workforce analysts, the Monday after the big game is the most called off day from work due to “sickness.”  Researchers found that up to 1.5 million Americans will use up a “sick day” the day after the super bowl, which for employers adds up to hundreds of millions in lost productivity. But is this still the case?

These days we can access our most business critical apps from anywhere and anytime to do our jobs and no one has to see the bags under the eyes or the noticeably throbbing headache. And it’s not just about checking email. We can access our financial systems, our supply chain management, our service planning and more. We can access these apps from our tablets, our phones, even our wrists – and all from our ‘sick beds’! I won’t mention here how I am feeling or from where I am writing this blog. So what’s the Superbowl sick day stat now?  It’s gotta be so much lower in this modern era of anytime/anywhere cloud applications. Right?

For our friends that use HCM software, where employees literally go into a portal to submit their sick day, can you tell us what your tally is today?

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