More Life-Changing Tips

More Life-Changing Tips

Sarah Johansen
Tip #2 – Get your Cloud App Strategy Down These days plenty of business processes are getting managed in the cloud and organizations are moving fast to implement, and that includes accounting. But you need a comprehensive cloud app strategy to make the most of it all and truly transform your business. Your apps should sync, grow, and work together while leveraging each other’s best assets. And how they do that is by sharing the industry’s leading cloud platform, So if you don’t have a cloud app strategy, this is another great topic to talk about with your Salesforce Admin. Tip #3 – Not All Cloud Apps are Alike You need to find the apps that truly “speak salesforce”. You want apps that provide a single sign-on, single UI, single account view – the same as Salesforce.crm. Apps that deliver 360° view of people, projects, and accounts. Once you get that you will establish simplified processes across all your most business-critical processes. And by going native to, integration headaches will be a thing of the past. Tip #4 – Yes, Accounting can be Social Your company might be using Chatter,’s social media tool to communicate in your sales and marketing departments. How about extending that to your finance team? When you implement FinancialForce Accounting, your accounting team can use Chatter to communicate more effectively inside and outside of your department. You’ll improve collaboration between team members and eliminate the divide between sales and finance. No more getting lost in frustrating email chains! And if you follow these tips, your team will be always on the same page because all your financial information is held securely in one system, in one place. You will not regret any of the above. Read Tip #1: Embrace the Power of Integrated CRM for Accounting

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