A meeting of the minds…. FinancialForce DevTalks

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A meeting of the minds…. FinancialForce DevTalks

It’s not often I get across to San Francisco from the UK, but this trip is turning into one to remember. Not only am I getting to meet the hugely talented people from our recent acquisitions from Less Software and Vana Workforce, but I’ll be getting a whole week dedicated to swapping notes, war stories and architecture principles with the rest of our teams from US, UK and Spain! #forcedotcomgeekfest I am also presenting next week at our very first FinancialForce.com DevTalks! It’s already at 40 registered attendees. I will be presenting with Chris Peterson, one of our brightest and most socially active senior developers. If you don’t know of him yet, I’d be surprised, but if not, now is your chance. Chris will he giving his thoughts on how to get the most out of the Force.com forums and social channels, and I will be presenting the Apex Enterprise Patterns (from Dreamforce), this time with a little more time to explore and answer questions! Finally how could I not give a shout out to fellow community members April Kyle Nassi, Adam Purkiss and Matthew Lamb for making me feel so welcome when I tweeted about my trip. It’s such a warm feeling to be away from home and have this kind of support, proving once again it is by far the best technology community period!
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