Manufacturer Rebates: Revenue once lost is now revenue found for the Value Added Reseller

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Manufacturer Rebates: Revenue once lost is now revenue found for the Value Added Reseller

Manufacturer Rebates are a key revenue stream for Value Added Resellers (VARs) – in fact it can make or break a deal, month, quarter or the efforts of an entire year.  Most manufacturers deliver critical rebate program information via emails or snail mail containing the information about new rebates they are providing and this information is manually tracked in- you guessed it- a spreadsheet.  The information contained on that document could be the key to profitability and every rebate that is not submitted or tracked is money lost.  This combined with the full time equivalent labor effort to track that data – makes for a double edged sword carving into the profitability of businesses.

The reality is that ERP systems of the past have only thought about rebates from the manufacturers perspective.  A manufacturer can tell you how many items have been sold with rebates and how many have been claimed –  but the resellers, they are completely on their own, until now.

At we understand the critical nature of rebate revenue within the reseller community and have worked to enable resellers to take the information from that email or letter and turn it into something powerful. Items with available rebates can now be made visible at the quote level, enabling sales to make more informed pricing decisions.  As transactions are completed in the system, rebate information is gathered and made available so purchasing can make strategic decisions based on current attainment.

Without that visibility, preparing for meetings with the board or bankers, and reporting on this key revenue stream forces organizations to spend huge amounts of time in tracking and consolidating the information. This is surely opportunity lost surely, when key company talent is spending more time on administrative work then helping with strategic decisions that can help move the needle for the business.

The days of spreadsheets to track this critical revenue stream are gone. Manufacturer rebate information is now surfaced in real-time, giving visibility to your rebate revenue stream and and the entire organization. What could you do with your new found revenue?

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