Looking back: Customer stories from the 360 Customer Excellence Award winners of 2015

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Looking back: Customer stories from the 360 Customer Excellence Award winners of 2015

It seems like yesterday when we celebrated some of the most outstanding customer achievements in our 360 Customer Excellence Awards. We’ve recently opened entries for this year’s awards, so let’s remind ourselves of some of the best stories with our winners of 2015. Read carefully and take note when thinking about your entry, as it could be you this year!

2015 Winner: Best Customer Experience

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wanted to drive a customer for life philosophy and place the customer at the center of everything it performs. As part of this, it implemented FinancialForce PSA to enable consistent delivery of the same services to customers worldwide, utilizing the resources and track time to obtain a profit and loss understanding on cost projection of services.

2015 Winner: FinancialForce Financial Management Excellence

Jacobus Consulting optimized its business and operations departments and created an automated invoicing process with FinancialForce Financial Management. It used the software to fully commit to its vision of a single source system to administer all parts of the business and achieve significant competitive advantage in its markets. Read their full 360s story here.

2015 Winner: FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) Excellence

AECOM implemented FinancialForce PSA to update back office functions using the Salesforce App Cloud, streamlining and consolidating systems for the company’s project management teams. AECOM’s high growth found it struggling to scale globally and project management was complex, challenging and inefficient. Through implementing the new software, AECOM constructed a fully integrated project management and delivery system for project managers and development teams across all business units, worldwide.

Other winners included Summa Technologies (FinancialForce HCM Excellence), Venture Technologies (FinancialForce SCM Excellence), BRG (Best ERP Vision, Community Champion) and Lexmark Enterprise Software (Best Business Breakthrough).

This year we want to hear from those who have created the Best Customer Experience, Exemplary Use of Platform and achieved Excellence in Financial Management, HCM and PSA to name but a few.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our recently announced Community Live site to find out more about this year’s awards and give yourself the chance to tell your story, show off your innovation and be recognised among your peers for your achievements.

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