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Life Doesn’t Have to Suck

Life as a consultant (aka road warrior) at a professional services organization can be a stressful existence. Professional service folks are caught between seemingly opposing forces; dealing with finicky customers, managing complex projects on a tight schedule and kow-towing to internal managers demanding high utilization and billing rates. When your product is time, there just isn’t enough time in the day, especially for administrative work like time card entry, expense reports, approving project team expenses and preparing that special project status report your customer is demanding. So how do professional services people deal with life in this pressure cooker? They often work after hours in hotel rooms, in planes and at home on weekends. The phrase “Life is Good” was not penned by someone in professional services. With this in mind, we are dedicating FinancialForce PSA Winter ’13 to improve the life circumstances of billable consultants everywhere. We’ve gone to great lengths to make it easier to submit expenses, and approve time cards and expenses efficiently via mobile devices and Chatter, the embedded social media application in FinancialForce PSA. We’ve even tackled the problem of building customized project status reports as our Output Builder app allows you to automatically pull together project and milestone information in the format your customer wants to see. In fact, you can even set the status reports to run and email your customers on a schedule while you are sleeping. So with FinancialForce PSA Winter ’13, life doesn’t have to suck. Life can be good after all.
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