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Let’s Do This

Today is an extremely exciting day for me and also for FinancialForce. Appointing a new CEO is a big change for any company, but one I believe we are ready for. FinancialForce is entering a new phase of growth, and helping companies achieve success in this period is what I am most passionate about. So, let’s do this.

It’s a privilege for me to lead FinancialForce, taking the reins from Jeremy Roche who built an impressive cloud company in just a short number of years. He is a real pioneer in cloud ERP and the Salesforce Platform, seeing the industry potential far before others did. I promise to continue to deliver on his vision. One thing that struck me off the bat when diving deeper into FinancialForce was its tight-knit company culture – Jeremy created a close family of employees and customers, not just a company, and I am honored to become a member. I am looking forward to meeting as many customers, partners and employees as I can in the coming months.

While FinancialForce has already achieved great successes, and strong growth year-over-year, we’re ready for more.  Cloud ERP is at a tipping point, and the opportunity is enormous for FinancialForce to seize the market. From my experience, this phase is challenging but highly rewarding and I am looking forward to what the future holds. Let’s do this.

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