Learn how to help your services business thrive during periods of unprecedented growth

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Learn how to help your services business thrive during periods of unprecedented growth

Services businesses are experiencing unprecedented growth but how can you ensure you maximise this golden opportunity?

EY (Ernst & Young) cites that to grow your business you need to identify new opportunities and implement strategies that distinguish you from your competition.

We believe one of the most effective strategies you could implement is to align sales, services and finance. But why? For one, you can get visibility and control of the end to end project lifecycle. If you can get sales and service collaborating fully and working as one team you can increase revenue, profits and customer satisfaction so your bottom line looks healthy too!

Aligning Sales and Services to Accelerate Growth

Watch the first session in our webinar series and explore how you can accelerate services growth by aligning sales, services and finance.

This first, hour long session, filmed on Thursday 22nd October 2-3pm GMT, saw industry experts Austin Rohr, Product Marketing Manager of FinancialForce PSA and Greg Marin, VP Services Operations and Strategic Initiatives at Avid Technology sharing their experience of driving services growth.

Austin has over 10 years in the services sector, most recently as Director of Consulting at Netsmart Technologies and previously as Manager of Operations at Lexmark. He will share his experience of using FinancialForce PSA to align sales and services to achieve service excellence.

Greg has over 20 years experience in the technology industry and global experience in defining and delivering enterprise systems. He will share his wealth of knowledge in successful services delivery and describe how Avid Technology is benefiting from aligning sales and services on a single platform using FinancialForce PSA.

Watch to find out how to:

  • Align sales and services on the same platform
  • Get visibility into future capacity to optimise resources
  • Optimise resource utilisation and increase profits
  • Get visibility of the end to end project lifecycle

Watch the full webinar here.

Growing Services Profitability through Financial Control

It doesn’t stop there! The second in our webinar series  was on Tuesday 17th November 2-3pm GMT and presenting were experts Laura Oppenhimer, Product Marketing Manager of FinancialForce PSA and Ray  Wells, General Manager EMEA at OpenSymmetry.  

Laura has over 15 years in the professional services sector within the software solutions industry. She brings a wealth of experience in helping services businesses improve profitability through better visibility and control of their operations.

Ray has over 10 years experience in the technology and services sector. Responsible for services strategy and delivery and management of a global consultancy team, he will share his experience of delivering customer success and profitable services growth and describe how FinancialForce PSA has benefited this global consultancy.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Achieve forecast accuracy
  • Stop leaking services revenue
  • Cure billing pains with accurate data and automation
  • Successfully manage revenue recognition

We promise to leave you with plenty of food for thought on how you might alter your business strategy to ensure you are truly taking advantage of the growth seen in the service business sector. 

Watch the full webinar here.

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