How to Know When to Hit Reset on Your HCM System

How to Know When to Hit Reset on Your HCM System

This blog was written by a key contributor from, Taylor Burke. She’s a marketer, storyteller, and techie who loves to cover human resources, accounting, and other industry topics.

Software is designed to make our lives easier. When it’s working well, it’s behind the scenes and out of your mind. When it’s not working well, the signs are obvious, yet many of us ignore them because the idea of finding, choosing, and implementing a new solution is intimidating. But the right human capital management (HCM) system will be worth the effort in the long-run thanks to time saved and errors prevented.

Here are a few ways to tell if it’s time to make the switch to new HR software that better meets your needs.

 1. Your Team is Overburdened
HR professionals are busy. According to research, more than 60 percent feel compelled to work overtime to meet their job’s demands. Every feature of your HCM system—from reporting to time tracking to expense tracking and more—should be designed to lift some of the burden off of your HR team members. If your current software isn’t doing the job, it’s not the right software for you.

In your next HCM system, look for:

  • The ability to configure the solution to meet your organization’s’ unique needs
  • Automated workflows that speed onboarding and approval processes
  • Built-in collaboration features that let you easily share information and communicate about HR projects.

2. Your Company Has Changed in Size
A lot of HR software is designed with companies of a specific size in mind, whether they are small businesses or a large enterprise. An increase or decrease in the size of your staff may affect your current software’s fit within your organization and a check-in with alternate options would be advisable.

In your next solution, look for:

  • Flexible subscription pricing, based on the number of employees in your company.
  • Intuitive access controls that let you add/remove users or change their permissions without help from IT.

3. You’ve Added Contractors, Freelancers or Hourly Employees
Contractors, freelancers and hourly employees add new elements of accounting and time tracking to your HR department. These types of employees are also becoming increasingly common in the gig economy. If you’ve added any to your roster, you may want to consider software that is built to make administering the appropriate personnel processes easier.

In your next solution, look for:

4. Tax Time and Compliance Deadlines are Giving You Nightmares
Nobody likes tax season, but the right HR software should take a lot of the pain out of the business taxes process. If this year’s tax process left your team stressed out and overworked, it’s time to consider a new solution that will improve the process before tax season comes back around.

In your next solution, look for:

  • Built-in tax reporting and Affordable Care Act compliance features.
  • A system that can easily track and analyze employment data and demographic information for every employee and applicant.
  • A vendor that offers payroll services, or integrates with a third-party payroll provider.

5. Your Current Solution Isn’t Mobile
More than 80 percent of adults in the United States have a smartphone as of last year, and that number is only expected to grow. We use our phones for nearly every business and personal function, and they’re critical to workers who spend a lot of time on the move. HR software in today’s world needs to go where you do by being functional and beautiful on mobile. Any solution that doesn’t meet that standard should be kicked to the curb.

In your next HCM system, look for:

  • A native mobile app that employees can access on the go
  • A mobile-responsive web interface, if no mobile app is available
  • Offline syncing features

Sound all too familiar? 
If you identify with any of the pain points above, it may be time to shop around for a new human capital management solution, and possibly other peripheral apps. Look for a complete solution built on a strong foundation that is capable of meeting your immediate and long term needs. Consider a solution like FinancialForce Human Capital Management, a comprehensive solution that provides the controls, visibility and flexibility you need to manage a dynamic workforce. Upgrading your HR tech stack will make your processes faster, your data more accurate, and your team happier.

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