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Kicking it in Amsterdam

The Sales Kick-off wrapped up last week in Amsterdam. The heightened energy and buzz brought back to the offices this week were infectious! It’s an important turning point right now in’s growth path and everyone is rallying around the company’s vision. A few of our sales leaders shared with me their thoughts after SKO. “I left SKO feeling incredibly excited about the opportunity in front of We have great products that provide real value to any business in almost any industry. The time is now for our customers to leave behind their silo’d systems and fulfill their vision of being truly focused on a great customer experience from day one!” Nick Stipinovich, Director, Small Business Sales, North America “One of the best parts of SKO is the networking that took place with my colleagues from around the world. You don’t realize how fast we have grown as an organization until you see the entire group together. When I started 2 years ago, we had around 70 employees worldwide. We now have close to that number just in sales and sales supporting roles! is onto something that will make quite a big industry impact. The notion that businesses are transforming at a rapid pace and we are uniquely positioned to respond to this transformation is a great position to be in from a sales and company perspective. The timing couldn’t be better to work here and make an immediate impact on the success of our customers. The location was an added bonus – what a beautiful city Amsterdam was!” Robert Jolly, Mid-Market Sales Manager “I was very energized leaving Amsterdam after having a chance to meet our investors, executives and extended team. After being at the company for only 2 weeks before SKO, I was able to get a clear vision for the company, where we are going and reaffirmed it was a great career choice coming to I look forward to the ‘Year of the Enterprise’ where we plan to double revenues for the group this year!” Scott Rosecrans, Director, Enterprise Sales, North America
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