Keeping services teams happy & productive – learn how at CommLive 2017

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Keeping services teams happy & productive – learn how at CommLive 2017

Patrick is Vice President of Icon Cloud Consulting, Inc. He has 25 years’ experience in professional services management, solutions development, and business development. In 2008, Patrick launched Icon’s SaaS consulting practice where his current focus is engagement management for SaaS based Professional Services Automation and Accounting solutions from FinancialForce.

These days numerous business processes are getting managed in the cloud and organizations are moving fast to adopt, particularly with PSA solutions. Cloud PSA apps are mobile, social, agile and responsive. They allow us to be much more productive, to work when we want and where we want, and help us manage resources, time and money smarter.  And as someone who has been a part of more than 170+ implementations of FinancialForce applications with my role at Icon as well as a FinancialForce PSA customer, I know a little bit about all the amazing benefits.

What I also have learned is that you need a solid cloud app strategy to make the most of it all and not fall into any traps. Because this new cloud world comes with challenges, too. Staff is heavily remote, which means we can’t see each other and/or the customer. Roles are getting more specialized and technologies are changing quickly.  Teams are doing more self-managing which makes for interesting team dynamics. And the one that hits home the most is that services organizations are growing faster which puts consultants at risk to ‘crash and burn’.  Some or one of any of these can have major ramifications to your business.

In the services industry, your people are your product, which means it’s crucial to keep them happy and productive. And it’s crucial that leaders spot when things are heading south and make corrections. Are you seeing any of this in your team?

  • Lack of responsiveness or urgency
  • Late timecard submissions
  • Doesn’t ask for help / doesn’t offer to help
  • Stops the conversation / blocks collaboration
  • Working in a silo or “black box”
  • Using e-mail for project document version control

If the answer is yes, what can you do about it? What philosophies can you apply to conquer challenges? To find out, please attend our session at Community Live next week in Las Vegas and hear how Icon has addressed this issue for our own widely distributed cloud team to combat some of the challenges noted above.

I have seen a lot in my years in this industry. And I am incredibly encouraged by where the services industry is headed. Many have recognized the need to upgrade systems and processes in order to keep up with demand and keep teams happy. For a services business, moving away from archaic, manual systems toward the transparency and ease of an end-to-end solution like FinancialForce PSA & Financial Management can mean the difference between keeping people and achieving growth goals, falling short, or even failing completely.

Community Live 2017
Come see us at this great event in Vegas. We’ll be doing our talk at the Partner Theater on Tuesday, 6/20 at 12:15PM  or come visit us at Booth 2. We’re excited to be the Diamond Sponsor for the FinancialForce annual customer conference.

Who is Icon?
Icon‘s Cloud Practice was formed in 2011 and we have spent the last 6 years building out the leading implementation tools, trainings and best practices. In 6 short years, we have grown to 20 Employees strategically located in every time zone in the U.S.- all dedicated to ensuring customer success and continuing the legacy of Customers for Life. We have completed more than 170 FinancialForce implementations – which is more than any other partner. We love what we do, and we’re proud to share it with you.

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