Join the trend: how cloud adoption is driving innovation in financial management

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Join the trend: how cloud adoption is driving innovation in financial management

As finance leaders venture to the cloud for their mission-critical finance applications, they must shatter myths about security, customization and regulatory compliance.

In Constellation Research‘s recent series on innovation in cloud financial management applications, Founder and Principal Analyst R Ray Wang dives into the FinancialForce Financial Management Spring 16 release.

Spring 16 Cloud Financial Management App

In addition to this deep dive of our new personalization and collaboration features, the report highlights the newest cloud adoption trends, benefits of the cloud for finance and an ERP user survey. CFOs and finance leaders seeking advice on cloud for finance can take advantage of the user survey and cloud adoption trends to understand how peer organizations have advanced their usage of cloud financial management apps.

Research shows that the benefits of cloud adoption outweigh potential scares (myths that are demonstrated in the report). The piece details these nine key benefits for cloud finance adoption:

  1. Rapid IT implementation improves the quality of deployment
  2. More frequent cycles of innovation result in competitive advantage
  3. Minimal upgrade hassles free up time for innovation
  4. Subscription pricing frees up capital expenses
  5. Anytime scalability, dynamic capacity means flexibility and level playing field for smaller orgs
  6. Lower cost of support reduces headcount
  7. Users benefit from cloud vendors’ infrastructure investments at scale
  8. Richer user experience leads to greater adoption, immediate productivity
  9. Always-on access enables real-time usage and collaboration

cloud adoption from 2009 to 2016

Download this executive brief to learn:

  • More on the nine key benefits of implementing cloud applications
  • How cloud adoption is driving innovation in finance
  • Common cloud adoption myths finance should know
  • Analysis of FinancialForce Financial Management Spring 16 release
  • ERP user survey

innovation in financial management

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