No more manual processes: How Jacobus Consulting streamlined their invoicing from A to Z

No more manual processes: How Jacobus Consulting streamlined their invoicing from A to Z

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Jason Wu
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“Now Accounting has the same real-time info as Sales. The FinancialForce app offered a real-time, single view of the customer. That was key for us.” 

Those are the words of Alan Hall, SVP of IT, at Jacobus Consulting, in a recent interview with Salesforce, sharing his story on how Jacobus is using the FinancialForce Accounting app directly with Salesforce CRM and its powerful impact on the business. Jacobus not only streamlined their invoicing process from A to Z, they have been able to free up valuable time and resources to focus more on customers and strategic bigger-picture initiatives (and less on admin!).

Jacobus Consulting is a mid-sized healthcare consulting firm that works with hospitals and healthcare systems in North America and Europe, helping them to optimize their health IT and business operations. With hundreds of consultants across the globe working with clients weekly, Jacobus wanted a solution to help simplify their complex invoicing process.

Before choosing an ERP solution, the consultants were spending far too much time on unnecessary back-office activities such as turning in hundreds of time cards and expense reports every week involving hundreds of emails; and spending almost four days every week just to process invoices out to customers. 

Alan realized, “It just got to be so time consuming that we had to figure out how to automate things, so we turned to the AppExchange and to help.”

So long manual processes! Read the entire interview on how Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce applications changed everything for Jacobus Consulting.

Want to align your CRM with Accounting and automate repetitive processes? Watch the FinancialForce Accounting app for Salesforce in action.

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