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It's all about one cloud ERP for OAC Services

Successful businesses don’t get that way by accident. They find the tools they need to help them operate smarter, faster, more mobile, and more agile; ones that help them collaborate better as teams and better serve their customers. That’s exactly what professional services firm OAC Services did when they decided to run the most strategic areas of their business on the Salesforce platform.

Mark Anderson, CEO of OAC Services, was not satisfied with systems that didn’t talk to each other, teams working in silos with no access to critical customer/project information – in their case financials, CRM and project apps. He went looking for a cloud ERP system that would provide a single view of the customer, where every employee regardless of role (sales, finance, consultant, manager) would have visibility to all information about a customer.  And management could easily report on it and make better decisions. He found it.

We got a chance to talk with Mark where he describes how they are using FinancialForce Accounting and FinancialForce PSA together with Salesforce CRM – all on the Salesforce platform – getting that single 360 view of the customer. OAC services is operating more efficiently which in turn has allowed them to grow and maximize profits. Watch the whole story below.

“The best solution is a cloud solution that’s fully integrated and we’re seeing that with FinancialForce.com on the Salesforce platform.” – Mark Anderson, CEO, OAC Services

Some highlights:

  • One cloud means common reporting, one user interface, one login, one customer record – that spans the front office to the back
  • Sales, finance and services teams now have a 360 view of all customer and project activity so anyone can answer a question regardless of domain
  • Employees collaborating more effectively; no more disconnect on project needs or financials
  • Project management is better and goals are achieved
  • Decisions are made faster and smarter
  • Red flags are made swifter to make adjustments on a project as needed – whether that’s resources, costs, billing, upcoming sales needs, etc.
  • Hiring strategy and training program is optimized
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