Is a good investment? These customers think so.

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Is a good investment? These customers think so.

So you’ve heard about the cloud, you know there must be a better way than your existing disjointed systems, but how do you persuade the rest of the business to leave behind the on-premise applications that they are so familiar with and take that leap into the unknown? The best place to start is to look at similar businesses to yours who have made the change and to hear the results straight from the horse’s mouth. This is why I spend a lot of my time talking to customers to gather information on their decisions to choose FinancialForce applications, and their use cases and results. David Mansell from customer Lambert Smith Hampton, who spoke on a recent webinar, has been forced to think about the benefits of using a cloud based system in order to get buy-in from his Senior Management Team. It has to be said, the case is compelling. From a small pilot involving around 120 employees they have seen the following results:
  • £10,000 per month fee increase in smallest office with just 30 employees
  • 2% less time on bench per employee
  • Reduction in admin overheads of ¼ of FTE per office
  • 1 – 2 hours of billable time gained per Consultant per month
  • Invoices issued, approved and credited 5 days quicker
Lambert Smith Hampton is now rolling out FinancialForce PSA across the whole business with the intention of achieving ‘one firm, one view.’ They are projecting £200k per month savings due to better staff utilization, a 5% reduction in unbilled time and £75k to be saved in recovered expenses. Another customer who I recently spoke with, Square 9 Softworks, based in Connecticut, quoted a number of statistics around time savings and ROI realized since implementing FinancialForce Accounting.
  • 16 hours saved through contract renewal automation with Integrated Invoicing
  • 12-16 hours per month saved moving from manual tracking and multiple data entry to one simple process.
  • 16 hours per month saved just in order processing
  • 10-15 hours per month saved with direct report generation
  • 60-70K USD budgeted personnel costs saved
Take a look at our other customer stories, and if you decide to move to the cloud and to invest in the platform and in particular, I look forward to speaking with you in the future and hearing the time and cost savings your business has made. One final point. No customer has ever told me they wish they’d stuck with their old system, so go on, close your eyes and jump. You’ll be glad you did.
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