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[Infographic] How 2016 CFOs expect to deliver company expectations in the face of challenge

In the 6th annual CFO Sentiment Study, 600 participants – a broad sample of financial executives across the United States – offer an in-depth look at how CFOs plan to deliver on 2016 expectations in the face of macro and micro economic challenges.

Key priorities impacting finance in 2016

This year, key priorities impacting finance are expanding existing customer relationships, improving relationships with sales and marketing leaders, and driving operational efficiency with cloud technology. In fact, 60% of companies surveyed said they were drowning in spreadsheets. Clearly, it’s time for a change, and the report shows it. The CFO Alliance is a global community of senior financial leaders and decision makers promoting connectivity and knowledge sharing amongst leading financial executives. This report provides great insights into the strategic planning and financial outlook of CFOs in 2016. Download the full 2016 CFO Sentiment Report here!
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