Improvements to Developer Site – get the most from

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Improvements to Developer Site – get the most from

We have spent some time updating to make it even easier to use and even more helpful. This is where users and developers both on and off the platform can access the business API for its core features. Useful for those with Apex, Java or C# backgrounds and those sporting the recent Salesforce Developer certifications, we have created this site to help those wanting to get more from the FinancialForce online accounting application. It includes:

  • A series of sample integrations and mash-ups we have created to give inspiration to others including Facebook and Google Apps integrations.
  • FinancialForce Accounting customisations
  • Best practice guidelines and specific API examples

We have also added a code scheduler feature using new features of the Spring ’10 platform release. It allows us to schedule any Batch Apex enable functionality. Batch Apex can easily wrap the FinancialForce Bulk API’s.

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