IDC sounds off on ERP for the new services economy [Video]

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IDC sounds off on ERP for the new services economy [Video]

The new services economy requires a new ERP. We couldn’t agree more.


In a new video hosted by Robert Mahowald, IDC Group Vice President of Applications and Cloud Business Models, we hear how the changing landscape of business models makes it “no longer good enough to be proficient at making or selling a product.” Now, many businesses sell via subscriptions and services but the ERP systems that have been used for years are no longer good enough. They were built to support the old way of doing business and in today’s new services economy, as Robert puts it, companies:

“need more than just a system of record, you needs a system of intelligence to give the visibility into multiple services, from opportunity to renewal and buying services that might last an hour, a month or several years.”

In order to thrive in today’s fast-paced world, customer success matters the most. And in case you missed our big announcement last week, we unveiled a new product – FinancialForce Billing Central – as a direct response to these changing business models and heightened importance on maintaining focus on customer happiness.

Billing Central provides business with a truly complete view of a customer, proving what Robert concludes to be most important:

“In a services economy, what was booked yesterday isn’t nearly as important as a 360 view of your customer relationship. A new breed of scalable, realtime systems can bring this relationship to its true goal – success.”

To learn more about Billing Central, view our blog, press release, and video and don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to get to know you!

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