IDC reveals the hidden keys to successful Professional Services Automation (PSA)

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IDC reveals the hidden keys to successful Professional Services Automation (PSA)

It’s rare that you run into a services organization that isn’t strategizing for growth. The notion of “if you’re not growing as a company, then you’re dying” is powerful, but are you really prepared to scale? Do you have the systems in place to drive growth… or actually hinder it?

When businesses grow, the need for visibility into sales, services, resources and projects grows too. Gaining visibility into all four of those dimensions with applications like FinancialForce PSA enables businesses to drive revenue growth, improve margins and meet client commitments. Recently, Mickey North Rizza, Program Vice President for IDC, answered some of our questions on how successful businesses can use professional services automation technology to gain full visibility into their workflow. Highlights from the report include:

  • Team collaboration is critical. Get everyone – teams, managers, customers – on the same page with shared visibility of projects
  • Allow flexible collaboration with customizable tools for client project stakeholders
  • Integrate CRM into your system to allow project managers, clients and subcontractors to own their projects
  • Raise profitability of projects with smarter resource allocation

The value businesses receive from using professional services automation software benefits everyone in the organization. From project managers to customers, PSA can reduce time and costs for all parties while increasing profitability for the overall business.

To learn more about how PSA can help your organization, read the full piece here!

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