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5 Ways to Win the War for Talent [Free Report]

Are you struggling to find time to focus on the “H” in HR? What can HR pros do to keep pace in a high-growth environment? For HR leaders, growth is both a welcome opportunity and a ruthless challenge. To hit company growth targets, HR professionals face enormous pressure to find, outfit, develop and retain scores of the best people. Download this FREE report, “A Growing Firm’s Guide to Cloud HCM” by Brian Sommer (@BrianSSommer), ZDNet columnist and CEO of technology research firm Vital Analysis to learn:
  • How the Human Capital Management landscape has changed in recent years
  • What new strategies should HR and the business adopt if they wish to regain market relevance?
  • What risks and challenges HR leaders can expect to face in high-growth situations
  • Key strategies to help you recruit, hire and retain the right people
  • Which technologies savvy HR decision-makers should consider when evaluating HCM solutions

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