HR Leaders Power Breakfast Comes to NYC: Key Workforce Building Strategies

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HR Leaders Power Breakfast Comes to NYC: Key Workforce Building Strategies

As an HR leader you are well aware that your universe is changing. More and more businesses leaders are recognizing that HR is the heart of any successful business. This comes as no surprise to you, you’ve know this all along and now other department leaders are seeing the untapped potential they’ve long overlooked.

You’re popular. Everyone wants to hear about your hiring and retention strategy. You’re invited to all the best strategic meetings and Finance even saves a chair at the table for you. Finally.

This is the new reality. Many of your peers have been, or will be asked to take on a more strategic role within their organization. The job of an HR leader is not getting any easier but there are some key strategies that can help you build and keep the workforce your organization needs.

Join and guest speaker Claire Schooley, Principle Analyst at Forrester Research, on September 30th for the HR Leaders Power Breakfast in NYC where she’ll present eye-opening strategies that will help your organization navigate the new HR universe and get the edge over the competition to attract and retain the best talent.

Claire will discuss key topics like:

  • Boosting worker productivity and retaining top talent
  • Reducing costs associated with disengaged employees / worker turnover
  • Creating a culture that fosters real-time communication
  • Leveraging the right technology that supports company collaboration for engaging and keeping talent
  • Building a company culture and IT environment that helps strengthen your business

We look forward to seeing you in New York!


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