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How to Implement Dreamforce…

How to Implement Dreamforce… My mind is a buzz with this word after the week I have just experienced, what a week! As I tried to slow things down and get some sleep on the flight home, I pondered… Dream…Force…… As one they are powerful to some, but not all on this planet, well not yet anyway! But as two words for those not in the cloud world, what other meanings do they hold and do they still relate as well apart as they do when put together? I right clicked on each of these and selected Synonyms… Force gave me this…

Force synonym dropdown As a developer at heart I immediately sought to determine if each of these rightfully extended or implemented aspects of the experience that is Dreamforce! So the following is my implementation of the Dreamforce experience, written of course in pseudo Apex! [code lang=”apex”] public class Dreamforce implements IDynamism, IStrength, IMight, IWeight { List<Session> Sessions; List<Attendee> Attendees; List<Competitor> Competitors; } public class Session implements IVision, IIntensity, IPotency { } public class Attendee implements IEnergy, IVigor, IInfluence, IPower { IAttendeeStateOfMind queryMind(); List<IAttendeeFeedback> Feedback; } public interface IDayDream extends IAttendeeStateOfMind public interface IReverie extends IAttendeeStateOfMind public interface IWish extends IAttendeeFeedback public interface IFantasy extends IattendeeFeedback public class Competitor implements IAspiration, INightmare [/code] Those reconciling the above code with my Synonyms may have spotted a few omissions, Trance, Delusion and Hallucination. I’ll leave these as an exercise to the reader to ponder, but remember to keep within your states legal constraints! As the lights on the flight go out and I start to think about getting some sleep…
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