How innovation in the Salesforce Platform helps developers grow

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How innovation in the Salesforce Platform helps developers grow

This year, I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on some of the recent innovations in the platform that Salesforce has announced, during the Developer Keynote at Dreamforce 2016. The Salesforce Platform is constantly innovating. The most recent innovations in the platform will help developer teams:

  1. Build apps faster with Lightning
  2. Built smarter apps with Einstein
  3. Build together with Salesforce DX

Lightning Winter 17 – build apps faster

The user experience is extremely important to us and our customers. A good UX makes people want to buy your product, improves customer satisfaction – people like things that look good. That is why we are so excited about Lightning Experience.

When building our components with the new Winter 17 features; Base Framework Components and Lightning Data Service save us time when building forms that do things like manipulate records. This will help us focus more of our time on the business requirement and user experience design.

We are projecting development time savings of about 10% with more to come as further Lightning experience roadmap continues to roll out.

Einstein – smarter apps

This is a really interesting innovation for us, we have been prototyping with Amazon AI – using Echo. We have this really cool use case where we use the voice recognition & employee self service and speak to ERP, so we say “Please can you book me 5 days PTO next week” then this gets logged into our HR product and an approval sent to our manager to approve the PTO. This prototype is available to the salesforce developer community.

With Einstein we will be able to stay on the salesforce environment so our customers will not need to go to a different cloud to take advantage of AI features. And because our apps are built natively on the Salesforce Platform, we will be able to take advantage of it as soon as it’s available.

Because Einstein is surfaced through the different clouds such as community cloud or analytics cloud we will be able to use it in our Finance or PSA apps as well, we can use the predictive intelligence to advise us on resourcing for a particular project based on availability and skills, for example.

Salesforce DX – Build with (together)

This has been the most pivotal innovation on the Salesforce Platform for ISV’s and our customers.

We have been heavily involved in the design process since the inception of this project, due to the sophistication of our development environment we are a good use case to base an evolution of the developer experience on.

Salesforce DX will speed up the time it takes to develop applications with the first available features such as:

  • Continuous Integration out of the box through Heroku pipelines
  • Scratch orgs to create clean orgs for testing
  • You will be able to get up and running as a developer faster than ever before
    • For example we have looked at the time it takes to receive a case from a customer, triage, fix & deploy, we predict this process will be 7x faster with this new developer experience once the vision is fully rolled out

We really see salesforce as an extension of our R&D resourcing with their investment in the platform. This lets us focus on building the business applications which gives us a really nice competitive advantage

Advice for developers and IT leaders

Build your products natively on the Salesforce Platform and follow their best practice recommendations. Then you can always take advantage of the latest innovations from salesforce through platform upgrades and also it is easier to upgrade your own solutions By doing this you will be able to build faster smarter apps together with salesforce!

Watch the full Salesforce Developer Keynote during Dreamforce 2016 below.



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