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How CFOs plan to deliver on 2014 expectations [Infographic]

The CFO Alliance’s Annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report – “How CFOs Plan to Deliver on Optimistic 2014 Company Performance Expectations” – echoes a new era of CFO involvement. The survey was conducted in November and December 2013 and includes 500 responses from a broad sample of senior financial executives across the U.S.

The findings show that the role of CFOs across the country is evolving, and they are embracing their leadership positions. This evolution involves becoming more customer-centric, embracing new technology and making a larger investment in human capital to drive results across the enterprise.

cfos plan

This report is interesting for executives in any industry. In fact, you may be surprised which industries have the most negative and positive macro and micro outlooks on the economy. See the report for yourself and learn how CFOs plan to deliver on 2014 expectations.

cfos plan

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