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How 4 savvy healthcare tech services companies keep customers wanting more

Imprivata Healthcare, Jacobus, Netsmart Tech, Greenway Health – all companies in the healthcare tech services industries, and each with very different solution offerings. But there is one key priority for all: consistently deliver on customer promises. By doing so they will earn happy customers, repeat business and healthy financials. But in an ever-changing industry, they each hit a point where their services projects started to run off course. Let’s just say staffing issues, budget problems, spreadsheet errors can create pain for anyone’s health. This all changed with FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA).

The healthy prescription
Today all four of these Healthcare companies are not just meeting customer expectations, but they are exceeding by unifying their services operations on a PSA solution from FinancialForce. The cloud-based PSA works natively with Salesforce CRM, creating a central customer hub where teams can easily access, share and update customer information. Now these busy Healthcare IT organizations can manage their people, sales, projects, customers, and financials all in a single system [and off of spreadsheets!] Services teams are engaged, whole organizations are better informed and signature customer experiences are strong.

The solution at work 
Let’s hear from the healthcare organizations directly on how they are using FinancialForce PSA to streamline processes and deliver on customer promises.

Kicking off projects in style
FinancialForce PSA is directly integrated into the sales process, putting everyone in the heart of the action. Project managers have the visibility to quickly understand what the needs of the customer are and can engage with that customer right away with whatever is needed. They can also plan ahead based on pipeline and deliver on expectations from day one.

Doug Caira, Imprivata’s VP of Services, loves building off of that customer excitement from the get-go:

“FinancialForce helps at that stage where the customer is most excited. They want to be talking to us right away. They’re engaged, everyone is jazzed. And that is a key part of the project, keeping that excitement going. With FinancialForce PSA we can get that information and call that customer immediately and that really helps to kick the project off quickly and with excitement.”

Unified data creates smart decisions
Views across projects, scheduling, utilization, time cards and length of time to deliver gives healthcare services teams the data they need to better manage the business and improve productivity. Projects stay on track and remote staff are now working in the same system across multiple locations. Management is able to spot issues early, such as decreasing profit margins and make swift adjustments or adjust where the team is focused.

Alan Hall, Senior VP of Technology at Jacobus Consulting believes that the unified system was the game-changer for them.

“FinancialForce is complete ERP. It provides a complete picture from your sales team to your finance team to your staffing needs – it’s one continuous picture that allows you real-time access to whatever information you might need.”

Sales and services collaboration, smart project planning
The connection between sales and services allows services teams to be a part of the quoting process, making sure that the right resources are available when needed.  FinancialForce PSA ensures that teams are well coordinated to get the project implemented and the customer has a great experience.

As a Services Manager for Greenway Health, Lesa Scarborough is taking advantage of that connection at every turn.

“The Greenway motto is ‘The customer is the main thing’, and services is a very big part of that. Services is the face of every sales order. The automation between Sales and Services with FinancialForce allows us to have better delivery efficiency to our healthcare providers – using FinancialForce helps us, help our customers deliver their health care.”

Eliminates customer budget problems
Customers don’t want to be asked for more money. FinancialForce PSA automates the time and expenses against the budget so they always know what’s remaining. Budgetary reports are easily produced to address customer questions easily. ‘These are the tasks that we have remaining. This is how we’ll use the hours in the next week. This is where we might need more hours.’

Tammy Godin, Imprivata, Project Manager, is up close and personal with customer billing.

“PSA allows us to work with the customer to ensure success. PSA is that mechanism to show them how things change, and why things change, and what we need to do, so there’s never any surprises. We are proactive, not reactive.” 

Not just reporting— it is also analytics!
FinancialForce PSA allows you to report on almost every field in the system. You can surface the impact on utilization, create more accurate scheduling forecasts, and see which holes need to be filled and staff appropriately.  You can also track customer billing status, get alerts if trending to go over/under budget, and where margins look compromised.

Alan Hall adds on to that: “We’re now able to be more responsive to our customers because we have real-time data in front of us. We’re able to provide them with whatever they need that wasn’t available to us before. Now we can run an entire group of statements for customers to show them where they’re at in the billing process.”

Customer impact through automation
Automation between sales orders and projects allows services teams to start the implementation sooner, getting customers what they need faster. And that leads to a healthier customer base and revenues.  And utilizing the tasks in FinancialForce keeps projects organized, on time and on budget. Customers love that.

Greenway Health’s Debbie Mattingly, shares how they are capitalizing on that.

“With FinancialForce, when we survey customers we’re finding our services scores are absolutely trending up. The customers are very satisfied with what we’re able to do for them, utilizing the tasks in PSA.”

Want to learn more how FinancialForce PSA can help keep your customers happy? Download the Ultimate Guide to PSA.

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