HCM Without Boundaries: Let’s get to know the FinancialForce HCM Marketplace

HCM Without Boundaries: Let’s get to know the FinancialForce HCM Marketplace

Here at FinancialForce, we’re proud of the broad reach that our HCM solution has, into over a dozen functional areas of HR.  From recruiting to workforce management to agile performance reviews – our HCM touches every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Meet the HCM marketplace

The world of HR technology is vast, which means it  leaves room for versatility, flexibility and the ability for companies to build their HR strategy one piece at a time. For that reason, we created a marketplace for FinancialForce HCM, where our customers can connect to preferred partner solutions via a seamless, secure connection that’s delivered in HCM.

Our journey into a marketplace began in two areas: talent acquisition and learning management. This early foray gives our customers the tools to build connectivity to things like background check providers or learning content systems – specialized services that complement the features delivered with HCM.

Why Have a Marketplace?

Launching the marketplace expands the reach of our single HCM solution, in the same cloud. By approaching this thoughtfully, we’ve created the infrastructure into HCM that allows customers to initiate, track, and report on the activities being done through the third parties.  

We don’t want to create new islands of information. Instead,the goal is to bring the right data into HCM so you don’t lose the visibility from a single site. These are pre-packaged technical tools that help our customers see a faster time-to-value when implementing a connection to a third-party. Customers who use Salesforce can leverage the Platform alongside the FinancialForce portfolio of products for optimal platform extension.  


Technology that Expands the HCM Reach

These secure web services enable our customers to run HCM rules with third-party systems that deliver a unique solution. Examples of how our marketplace is already being used exist in wellness, talent acquisition and learning management.  

Organizations who want to connect wellness initiatives into their HR data, like results of a FitBit challenge, can do that.  When it comes to recruitment, companies can initiate a background check directly on the candidate page in HCM, and receive status updates as the screening progresses. HCM integration to learning services manage training courses, records, and learning types that are stored in an external learning management system (LMS).

Built for Customer Success

We built a marketplace because we knew it would be the best way to help our customers be successful at extending HCM for all of their HR needs. In a future post, we’ll announce partnerships with preferred vendors, but for now we’ve got the infrastructure ready for vendors that our customers use today.  How else might your organization use secure connectivity to HCM?

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