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Great Alone, Better Together, Lightning "ERP" Components applications continue to leverage the continued stream of great new features from the Salesforce Lightning platform, which started earlier this year with providing support for Lighting Connect and Lighting Process Builder. Now with the release of Lighting Experience, the Lightning Component technology has burst out from being something only mobile and tablet users could enjoy to something available in both mobile, tablet and now your desktop browser!

What is a Component?

shutterstock_153205379If you’re wondering what a “component” is, you’re not alone! It’s quite an overused term, along with “widget.”  In fact, Wikipedia links to several definitions of the term component. From a software perspective it states… “An individual software component is a software package, a web service, a web resource, or a module that encapsulates a set of related functions (or data).”

Essentially,Lightning Components allow for decomposition and sharing of what would historically have been the internal building blocks of singular user experience. Customers can add them into their user experience that suits their needs and processes. Oh and did I mention each component can be used and configured without a single line of code? Read on…

Introducing FinancialForce Lightning Components

To celebrate the expansion of Lighting Components to the desktop browser we created a set of new components and launched them in pilot at Dreamforce. Initially focusing on some key functionality from our core products Accounting, Professional Services Automation and Human Capital Management. Each of them have been styled using the new Salesforce Lightning Design System.

Absence Component

HCM1This component focuses on Absence management within HCM, encompassing the ability to request absence and view approved and unapproved requests from one easy to use component. We expect most people to customize the User Profile or Home pages in Salesforce with this component, where it will become context aware – allowing the current user to raise requests and review, while if you’re viewing another user’s profile, to only review approved requests.

Account View and Reporting Components

Of course another prime candidate for becoming a component is our Action Views functionality, with these components pages in Salesforce1 Mobile and/or Lighting Experience can be customised to surface information from our ERP applications using our flexible reporting technologies. And if you want more than one, just drag another on to the page and point it to a new data source!



Scheduler Component

Last but not least, is our a component powered by our PSA application, most at home on the Home Page to give users up to date information on utilisation and project details at a glance! The PSA Lightning Component (aka Resource Scheduler), provides a high-level view into the Project Assignments and Project Tasks a resource has performed, or is scheduled.  Resources can view their current week’s scheduled vs. logged hours, the assignments that make up those hours, and drill deeper to see the specific tasks underneath those assignments.


How do I leverage Lighting Components?

If you’re using Salesforce1 Mobile or the new Lighting Experience, the Lightning App Builder is your new best friend in the world of Lighting Components! This Salesforce tool provides a real-time drag and drop ability to create or customise user experience in either of these environments.


Available components surface in the sidebar of the app builder tool along with others you may have built and/or those installed from AppExchange – it’s that easy! You can access the builder from a new edit page option on pages within the Lightning Experience or under the setup menu for Salesforce1 Mobile deployments. After thats it’s a case of drag and drop, no code required!

ERP has been Struck by Lightning!

As we expand components further across our products in the future, coupled with a growing eco-system on the AppExchange, our customers are effectively turning the standard Lightning App Builder tool into an ERP App Builder for their business. You can also read more about our strategy around Lighting Experience in our press announcement.

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